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Something just occurred to me about Vikings






No, seriously. I can’t remember seeing a single feline in this show, not even at Floki and Helga’s wedding. There’s been (unrealistically big) horses, hounds, eagle, cuddly goats, even a snake that I’m pretty sure wasn’t local. But no cats, as best I can…

That doesn’t sound right. The big forest cats are thought to be native to the area and their skeletons have been found in burial sites scattered around the region.

I think Lagertha is holding one in the promo for ep 8. (The regular one not the Asia one)

I think you’re right, that is absolutely a cat. Hah, Lagertha is beating Ragnar at everything including cuddly animals :-) (actually, this could be yet another one of those association-with-gods things, since cats are strongly associated with Freya and goats with Thor (I still think Ragnar is more Thor than Odin)).

I think we’re perhaps talking the difference between the domestic cat - which migrated gradually from the south - and the wildcat, which is native, but not particularly cuddly (and then there’s the lynx, which is what I always imagined was pulling Freya’s chariot). While they’re close enough relatives to mix at times, you wouldn’t expect a wildcat to hang out around people.

I don’t know…it seems unlikely that they would have not had at least a few successful incidents of domestication of the wild cats. And the cats wouldn’t have gone away for 1000 years. That just doesn’t sound right.

Meh…I dunno. I say it needs more cats. If Hirst can put a chuch at Uppsala, he can add some more fucking cats.

Somehow, everthing on tumblr always goes back to cats.

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